Placing your child in child care is a big decision for families; the more you know about child care and the centre you choose, the easier that decision will be for you.

The best way to get the feel of our centre and find out more about it is to visit our centre.

Talk to our Director/Manager and teachers, have a look at the activities the children are doing, do they seem happy and settled?

Read through our room programs, newsletters, and policies.

Asking lots of questions is welcome at Park Beach at any time.

Here are some of the questions that we are asked most often.

If you have a particular question you would like to ask us before you visit the centre, please feel free to get in touch with us via our “contact us” page, phone or call in to the centre.

What do I need to begin my child’s enrolment?

You will need to firstly apply to CENTRELINK for assessment of
CCB (Child Care Benefit) and CCR (Child Care Rebate), if applicable.
You will also need a Birth Certificate and an up to date record of your child’s immunisation status.

How can I place my child on the waiting list?

To apply for enrolment, please complete a waiting list application form.
This form can be downloaded or completed online.
Lodgment of this form does not guarantee a position.

How old does my child need to be to attend preschool?

Your child must have turned 2 before commencing at the learning centre.

Do I need to provide food?

Yes, you need to bring your child’s morning tea and lunch and a drink bottle filled with water.
We are a NUT FREE environment and encourage healthy eating habits.

Do I need to provide sheets?

No, each child has their own sheet supplied but you can bring a top sheet for rest or a warmer blanket for the cooler months. You can also bring comforters or special items that your child likes to rest with.

Does my child need to be toilet trained?

No, Toileting is a process that all children will accomplish, the ages and stages are different and individual for each child and staff have great ideas to support children through this process.

How do I know if my child is enjoying his/her time here?

Teachers will communicate to parents about their child’s day by providing a ‘first day’ information sheet.

Observations for children occur every month both individually and in groups.

Parents are invited to call the centre to check up on their child and speak to the teachers throughout the day.

What sort of facilities does the Preschool offer?

Our facilities are modern with air conditioning/heating, washrooms, fully equipped kitchen, electronic whiteboard, high quality toys and puzzles and an outdoor play area including a sand pit, natural grass, soft fall surfaces, shade and extensive play equipment.

What is the best way to settle my child into the centre?

  • Visits/play dates prior to commencement of care.
  • Talk about the Centre often including the teachers, children and types of activities.
  • Prepare your child before it happens, talk them through each step.
  • Have a set routine on arrival.
  • Send positive messages to your child, if you feel comfortable your child will too.

Are there any ways I can get involved with the centre?

You can be involved directly or indirectly, either by spending time playing with your child, sharing a specific skill, reading, doing an art and craft experience, playing an instrument, etc.

You may like to take part in the formal and informal parent gatherings we have at the centre or at our annual Christmas party. You may also like to take part in the teacher-parent meetings where you are welcome to come and discuss your child’s development with the class teacher. (We also have this option as a phone meeting to fit in with busy schedules.)

We are here to provide care and education for all children but we understand that life can be very busy and your spare time is precious.

The important thing is to provide a variety of opportunities for parent involvement on a regular basis.

It’s your choice at what level you would like to participate.

What is a “Pre School program?”

A preschool program involves providing a variety of activities that will stimulate children’s learning in all developmental areas.

We believe that it is important for our children to develop independence and autonomy through active hands on opportunities that can help to prepare them for the transition to school.

Teachers introduce new concepts in a fun way both formally and informally where children have time to learn.

Children experience many activities to develop numeracy and literacy skills as well as further developing social and emotional skills holistically through play and directed learning.

Is there any difference between Long Day Care and Preschool?

Yes. There are more opportunities for spontaneous learning with the flexibility of starting and finishing times.

Long Day Care is much more individualized and involves the family more in the learning process.

A child can develop long-term secure ties with the centre creating a sense of community as he/she begins in the toddlers’ room and continues through to the Pre School room, making lasting friendships.

Long Day Care Centres, such as Park Beach Early Learning Centre, open for 12 hours a day, do not close down for school holidays and are only closed during Public Holidays.

All childcare centres and Pre Schools in Australia must educate children based on the requirements within the National Quality Framework which includes “Being, Belonging, Becoming – The Early Years Learning Framework.”

So educationally, there is no difference at all.

How do you assess if my child has any learning difficulties?

Children are observed on a daily basis and developmental summaries completed.

Any  areas causing concern are discussed with you – we will sometimes refer to other support services or specialists or implement additional programs at school and/or at home.

Communication is always open and honest and any input you have towards your child’s areas of development is essential and welcomed.

What do you do about sick children?

We have a strict illness policy that protects all children and teachers.

We ask that ill children do not attend the centre until they are well.

If children become ill whilst in care, they are monitored by teachers and an illness observation chart completed.

Parents are informed and given choice of follow-up based on the teacher’s recommendations and on the centre policy.

Your child is made comfortable and continually monitored until collection.

If your child requires medication teachers may administer prescribed medication whilst they are at the centre.

If your child is attending the centre with symptoms of a communicable illness, a letter of clearance will need to be supplied first to clear the child of being contagious and possibly infecting others.