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Our Story

We opened our service in Park Beach, Coffs Harbour in 2008 and steadily became a proud part of our community.

We wanted to create an inviting and stimulating environment, so we collected our team of experts and set them to play.

We found that our children quickly developed both a strong sense of well-being along with a strong sense of identity.

They became confident and involved children who connected with the world as they contributed their ideas and suggestions.

We want to continue to grow, based on the premise, that childhood should be the domain of the child and that there should always be rich and varied opportunities to imagine, to create or just, to be, throughout their learning journey.


The Early Years Learning Framework



Knowing exactly where they fit in and how they fit in.



Who they want to be right now and enjoying life and relationships.



The person they will be, as they learn and grow.

Our Team

We recognise staff as our greatest asset.

We employ staff with a range of qualifications, skills and experience.

We make every effort to recruit and retain the best possible early childhood staff to care for and educate your child.


We carry out reference checks on all staff employed at the Centre to gain an understanding of the competence, reliability and attitude of the candidates. To comply with the Child Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act 1998 and the Commission for Children and Young People Act 1998, a Working with Children check is done on all full, part-time and casual employees as well as ongoing visitors who will be working with the children.

Our Values

  • Empowerment; we are resourceful, accountable and proactive, using our initiative to achieve positive change and outcomes
  • Collaboration; we value teamwork and the strength that comes from diversity and from joining forces to make a difference
  • Excellence; we are professional, competent and driven, striving always to be the best we can be, in everything we do
  • Integrity; we are reliable and dependable guided by our moral compass at all times